Colourtrend Paint

Premium quality paint that lets you get on with your life.

For over 60 years Colourtrend have been passionate about paint and committed to being at the cutting edge of paint technology. Their passion for paint over the years has meant that they are truly the trail-blazers of the paint industry in Ireland.

They were the first to introduce acrylic technology to Ireland and the first to bring in improvements in pigment and tinting techniques.

Their team of dedicated and skilled chemists formulate high performance paint using only the best ingredients making our paints apply smoother, last longer and withstand the wiping away of common household stains - the perfect family friendly paint!

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Colourtrend are proud to use only the highest quality pigments and resins available to blend their paints, offering you the benefits of outstanding durability, wearability and lightfastness – all this and in over 2,000 beautiful colours too!

Colourtrend’s decorative emulsions are 100% pure acrylic paints. What is acrylic? Acrylic is the resin in paint. The resin is what keeps the paint bound together and held fast to the wall – the better the resin, the better the paint! And we use only the best 100% acrylic resin available.

This means Colourtrend acrylic paint offers exceptional durability and fade-resistant, long-life. The tightly bound particles of acrylic resin
help make the paint more resistant to dirt and easy to clean, coming up like new after a just a few wipes.

Colourtrend acrylic paints have an even, creamy consistency that offer a smooth, easy application with minimal splatter.

Colourtrend acrylic paint has superior sticking power that resists flaking and peeling when applied to properly prepared surfaces.

Colourtrend Paint Ranges
- All available at Jacksons of Saintfield

1. Contemporary Colour

2. Historic Colours

3. Exterior Colours

4. Wood Trim

5. Prime Range

There are over 2000 stunning colours available in-store, all mixed while you wait. With our 20% discount offer Jacksons is the best place for colourtrend!

Colourtrend Paint

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