Wedding & Gift List Timeline


You will have a million and one things to organise for your perfect day, but you can rest assured that your wedding list will run smoothly.

Here are the milestones in the Wedding List process. Our members of staff will be happy to remind you of what’s needed in plenty of time, and guide you through every step.


  1. Before you send out your invitations


Just call into our Homeware & Cookware store or contact us and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. You can have any items added to your list from any of our stores in Saintfield.


  1. Create your list and choose your gifts


Then make your list with one of our members of staff or take a look around yourself and let us know of you need any assistance. Just ask if you can't see what you would like, we can order in most brands and products especially for your wedding list. 

We would encourage you to create your wedding list with us as soon as possible, allowing us to make any special orders for you.


  1. Your List Opens


A few days after you have visited us in-store your list will be live online for guests to view and purchase. Your list will also be available in-store where guests can see all your items in our wedding list room, making choosing that perfect gift even easier.


  1. Track your List


You can continually view your wedding list on our website and we will send you email updates when a gift is purchased and left for collection. We'll let you know when your list is nearly sold out allowing you to add more items if you would like. Your list can be updated with new items added at any stage.


  1. Collecting your gifts


We will keep your updated allowing you to collect gifts as they are purchased, whilst many guests still want to deliver gifts personally some like the convenience of leaving in store. You can inform us if your preference is to have gifts left in-store for delivery/collection or to have guests take items for personal delivery.


  1. Closing your Wedding List

After your wedding and you return from Honeymoon please call in at any time and see us. You will also have the opportunity to purchase any remaining items on your wedding list for a reduced price.